How do I delete items out of my Cart? 

Your Checkout is non-important, we can only finance 1 Phone per customer, you can make your final decision on which Phone you would like to finance after the Approval Process. 

How much is my downpayment?

Your down payment will be your first Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Payment. 

Do I have to sign up for new service? 

No! You can use your existing service with the phone you choose. 

What is the interest rate? 

There is not an interest rate. The leasing company purchases the merchandise from us and you lease it until it’s paid off. The lease has one set price with options to buy out your phone early and enjoy an early buyout discount. 

Where do I go to make my payments?

Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account on your paydays.

What if I do not have a checking account?

Unfortunately then you will not qualify. You must have an active checking account that has been open for at least three months. You may have a Joint/Co-Applicant.

How long is the lease agreement for?

All lease/purchase agreements are for 12 months unless you wish to pay it off early. Additionally we do have a 90 Day Payment Options & Early Buyout Option.

What are my buyout options?

90 Day Payment Option: The customer pays only the invoice amount that's on the Lease Agreement. 

Early Buyout Option: If the customer wishes to own the merchandise outright after 90 days, they will be able to purchase their merchandise at a percentage of their remaining balance. You may complete the buyout at any time with your account online once you’re approved into the program.

What if I have issues with the phone after I purchased it?

Please verify with your store rep to verify the warranty that is coming with your purchase, all of our phones are brand new but warranty is limited to some brands. Please ask your store representative about the warranty of the device you're getting.